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Mar 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, they got a phone in the john here! judy! hey. hi. thank you so much for recommending me to viking press. it is my pleasure. just make sure you give that manuscript a good read. manuscript? yeah. i'm sure they fed-exed you a manuscript. they want to see that you can read an unpublished work and give insightful criticism. oh... read it twice if you have to. this is a big step in your career. yeah. i got to go. what about lunch? i got to go! thank... god i found you! do you still have that fed-ex? yeah. in the apartment. but it's being fumigated. i'll take my chances. come on, come on come on! jerry: you see? jerry, i need that fed-ex right now! i told you to take it! i didn't know it was a manuscript that i had to read! well, you can't go in. it's like a gas chamber! hey, buddy. i left a mackinaw peach in your refrigerator. kramer, they're fumigating. there's toxic gas in there! toxic gas? oh, you'll be fine. you were there, what a couple of minutes? an hour and a half! i was reading a manuscript i couldn't put down. my manuscript? how do you feel? now that you mention it a little woozy.
Mar 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
's ceremony. the ring was made for pope john, he also created many of the sculptures at st. marys. go to for video. >>> today the city's public health is offering free testing at city college. the last time they saw a spike of tuberculocis was in the 1990. tb is spread through the air from person to person when someone active coughs or sneezes. >> california has the most tuberculocis in the nation. we have more tbcases than the next two, new york and texas, combined. >> it attacks the lungs, chronic cough, night sweats, weight lost. it can be deadly. >>> san jose say an officer shot and killed a dog in golden gate park. the officer was trying to wake up a homeless man yesterday afternoon when the man's dog started to bark. the officer backed off but the dog broke loose and that's when the officeer shot the dog, a pit bull mix. >> it's more wet weather for your first day of spring tomorrow. i'm monitoring that next. >>> san francisco gi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2